Eastbourne Weekend School 2021

Our annual weekend school will be held from 12th – 14th Nov 2021 at The Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne. Applications are invited from members and non-members and a form is attached for download.

Essential details are included on the form but if you require further information please contact Roger Keeling (rscds.croydon.treasurer@gmail.com).

The cost is £151.00 for non-members and £146.00 for branch members. We are requesting payment in the first half of October (no sooner). Payment may be made by cheque or by bank transfer – account details from Roger Keeling (rscds.croydon.treasurer@gmail.com).

Book your place now.

Click here to download an application form

Dance Programmes: Friday 12 November, Saturday 13 November
Cribs:                           Friday, Saturday